Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sacred Family Recipe...

My family has a secret family recipe. I've always been very proud of this fact. My whole entire life we've only come across one other family who made the same dish. However, even though it's special and unique to our clan, we've never really managed to keep it secret. It's just too good, we have to share it! So, now that I'm officially sharing it with the world wide web, I expect to find many more families who make it. ; )

Scouse (like mouse!)

Day old cornbread
Electric Skillet

(very complicated, you can see...)

Take your day old cornbread (or, if you're making it just for this meal as I often do, take your fresh cornbread) and crumble it up nicely into an electric skillet. We always use electric skillets because they provide the most even heat and...well, it's just how it's done. Tradition you see. Crumble enough cornbread to evenly fill the skillet. Now pour milk over the top of the cornbread, just enough to moisten and cover it all.


Now cook the mixture...

(Look at those flavor waves!)

stirring frequently to keep the bottom from burning...

Keep cooking it...

See, it's starting to come together? We want to cook all that milk out and bring it to a nice, creamy, sticky consistency. Sticks to your ribs that way, see?

Hm, now we're talking. See how it came away from the sides and started sticking to itself?


Now dish it out. Don't be skimpy. But, you will be surprised how filling this is. Like I said, sticks to your ribs.

Now you can top your yummy, delicious, scrumptious Scouse with your favorite toppings. I believe the only true and faithful way to eat it is with lots of butter and honey.

My dad thinks it's great with salt and pepper. My mom loves jams and jellies. Some have even been known to use syrup. Personally, I think that's sacrilege, but that's just me.
This simple beauty is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or supper.
Serve it up with some crispy bacon or sausage, eggs, or any other breakfast foods.
Bon appetit!


  1. So...I happened to click on your blog this morning-- and what did I have sitting on my stove, but day-old cornbread.

    I gave your recipe a try for breakfast. The kids LOVED it! Alexis said she loved it so much, her eyes could pop out!

    I didn't get to eat very much of it, because the kids literally gobbled it up-- but I had a couple bites.

    So, I guess we will be making this again in the future. :) Oh, and we just used a little honey on top.

  2. Good deal! I'm glad they enjoyed it. It was definitely my favorite meal when I was a kid.