Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ribbon Cake

So, I saw this cake on the i am baker blog and just fell in looove with it. It's so elegant and simple and classy and beautiful! Anyway, I decided I was going to make one. I bought a decorating tip, and decided to make it for the church potluck tomorrow. A bit fancy, I know, but hey, everybody can use a little extra fancy in their lives, right? : )

I used i am baker's buttercream and chocolate cake recipes. I haven't actually tasted the cake yet, so I don't know how it turned out, but the buttercream was nice. Very easy to work with and good for decorating. She also suggests pouring some simple syrup over the tops of the cakes to help them stay moist and freezing the layers for an hour as soon as they come out of the oven.Anyway, I made the cakes (which fell, of course...I still haven't figured out how to make cakes in this darn altitude...) and frosting and put on the crumb coat.

It was looking quite promising, and I was rather excited that things were working out. There was still the lovely dip right in the middle, but I figured the roses would cover that up.

So, I was really excited to get started on the pretty roses, and I got my frosting bag all set and got ready to pipe...and I totally had the wrong tip. I'm not sure what was wrong, but it came out...very, very wrong. I couldn't find a "1M" tip at the store, so I just bought something that I thought looked right...which was apparently not. Sigh. How disappointing. Anyway, I just decided to try something else. But one of these days I'll make my rose cake!!

I decided to do the ruffle cake on her site (the pink, Martha Stewart one.) It didn't come out nearly as pretty as hers, but it was really fun, and I loved the process. :)

I think I could really get into cake decorating! It's just a blast! If only I can figure out the whole altitude problem...

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