Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply Decadent

I went to a wedding this summer, and for the reception they had cupcakes and these cute little white chocolate dipped cake ball things. I wasn't sure what exactly they were, so of course, I had to keep trying them to try to decipher what was in them. Finally it dawned on me…it was OREOS! No wonder they were so good. But I figured there must be something really special about them, because they were that good. So after the wedding I hunted down the mother of the bride and beat the secret recipe out of her. Lucky for me, I've been best friends with her daughter since the time I was one, so I didn't have to beat too hard. : ) Perks, I tell you. Seriously, though. These are SO. GOOD. Perfectly decadent for something as classy as a wedding, and simple enough for your every day party. Or just your every day Tuesday. Whatever. The size is perfect too, just a couple bites in each. I decided to dip them in dark chocolate instead of white, and loved it. But you could use any type of chocolate. Pretty much, either way, it will be fabulous. I promise. Now, are you ready for the complexity of this secret recipe? Here we go…

Crush a bag of Oreos.

Mix in a softened block (8oz.) of creamed cheese.

Roll into balls and coat with melted white, milk, or even dark chocolate.

Eat about ten too many, and don't even regret it.

Pretty amazing, huh? Go forth and make deliciousness!

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