Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coconut Oil

While I will never have the audacity to pretend that I worry too much about healthy when it comes to tasty food (pound cake anyone? : ), I have been thinking more about it in the recent months. Something about having a baby, and thinking about what I'm feeding her leads to thoughts about what we're eating ourselves. That, and the whole getting older, and losing that teenage edge where you can eat whatever you want without consequences...yeah. Anyway. I've been trying to work harder at making us healthier, balanced meals. Whole grain pastas, more whole wheat flour, more fruits, more fiber, more water, veggies at every meal...topped off with a Dr Pepper of course. I'm afraid that's one bad habit I don't even want to kick. ; )

I've been hearing a lot lately about the purported benefits of coconut oil. I can't personally vouch for any of these, but according to my research, here are a few of the benefits.

*It contains medium chain saturated fats, which are said to be necessary for a healthy body.
*Of those saturated fats, a large portion are lauric acid, which is supposed to help prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
*It helps raise your metabolism, aiding in weight loss.
*Improves digestion.
*Strengthens immunity.
*Aids in healing and infections.
*Prevents liver, kidney, gall bladder disease.
*Aids in stress relief.
*Helps control blood sugar levels.
*Improves the body's ability to absorb calcium and magnesium.
*In addition to all these health benefits, it's good for your skin and hair (I actually started researching coconut oil as an option for diaper rash cream.)

Basically, even if all these things aren't true, I've been convinced that it's worth giving a shot! I have many friends who have vouched for it as well, which has been even more convincing.

I also bought a jar of "Coconut Manna" which is the whole coconut instead of just the oil, and can be used as a spread, or in baked goods, etc.

My plan is to use coconut oil, olive oil, and butter for most, hopefully all, of my cooking for awhile.
I figure using healthier oils is just one step closer to giving my daughter healthier meals.

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