Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun fun fun!

It's been a tradition of my family's for years to get together after church on Sunday evenings and have pancakes. Not that it always has to be pancakes. Sometimes we had waffles, or of course, our family recipe, scouse (see the recipe here.) We always had sausage or bacon and eggs. Sometimes we would make yummy homemade fruit sauces, or throw chocolate chips into the pancakes. We even had a Mexican night a time or two. No matter what we eat, there's always lots of chatter and laughter and kids running around. Half of us are always in the kitchen making the food, the other half hanging out in the dining room, talking about mundane things. While my husband took up the mantle of Master Pancake Flipper, and my dad usually makes the eggs, my mom and I were usually making the bacon and concocting some kind of homemade syrups. I think it's the thing I have missed most about moving away from home.

When my dad was here visiting a few weeks ago, we invited our dear (and new, since our move!) friends over for a Sunday night dinner.

We had scouse and bacon and sausage and eggs.

It was their first introduction to scouse, and of course they loved it! Everybody does. ; )
It was lovely, and homey, and fun. It was a night full of stories and laughter, a mix of family, and new friends.

And it felt wonderful. A little taste of home. : )

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