Thursday, October 6, 2011

Confessions of a Cheese-aholic, Part Three

I do believe I promised a review of my Triple Cream St. Andre cheese experience. Oops. : ) Well, it's here now. Let's review the description of St. Andre.
"one of the most luscious cheeses in the world."
"with a reputation as a blend of the perfect brie mixed with equal parts of thick, sour cream and whipped sweet cream. St. André is made from cow's milk and enriched with pure cream. St. André is also fairly rare. Containing no less than 75% butterfat for every 100 grams of cheese, St. André is commonly agreed to be 50% richer than the average Camembert. This cheese is a favorite for cheese boards!"
Oh, they know how to get my attention! I'm just a sucker for cream.

So! The verdict. It was tasty! Rather like a brie, but with a firmer texture. It tasted brie-like as well, but with a stronger flavor. The rind was stronger too. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't as fabulous as I expected. The stronger flavor just wasn't what I expected. But, I did have a brilliant idea. I had heard of honey on cheese, so I drizzled some on a bite and had an instant transformation. It paired quite well with the sharper flavor, and sweetened it up enough to make it quite tasty! Over all, I definitely liked the Fromager D'Affinois better. I've been making plans to go back and buy more of that! But the St. Andre was a fun cheese to try, and I certainly wouldn't turn it down if I run across it again!
I'm hoping to get a chance to pick up some new cheese sometime in the next couple weeks. The thirst for fantastic dairy treats is back. :)

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