Thursday, July 30, 2009

Date Night

My hubby and I decided it would be nice to have an at-home date night, so we fixed a special dinner together and ate it on the back deck in the surprisingly cool evening. It was so nice. : ) Anyway, I tried to craft our dinner based around some of the aspects of our honeymoon in Oregon. While we were there we enjoyed lots of fresh seafood and one of our favorites was scallops. We got some cajun seasoning at the local grocery store and sauteed the scallops in butter and seasoning. Anyway, we made Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp with Cajun Scallops.

We also had Risotto

and these A-MAZING Soft Honey Dinner Buns.

The shrimp recipe turned out really delicious, but I substitued the cajun seasoning instead of Old Bay and unfortunately it made it a tad too spicy. We were both eating lots of rolls. : ) But I will definitely make it again, just with a little less spice. It had this great, kind of sweet hint to it from the OJ that you could taste right before the flames hit...totally worth it. The scallops were really good too, but we already knew that. My husband mostly made the risotto, and he did a great job! It ended up wonderfully creamy and flavorful. And as I already mentioned, the rolls were to die for. We put garlic powder and sea salt on some and fresh parmesan on a few and then left the rest plain. The sea salted ones were definitely the best. They were substanially sweeter without the salt, so it would depend on how you want to eat them- i.e. with jam, or just butter, or as a sandwich roll. They were so soft and tender and had such great flavor. Plus they were really fun to make. My husband especially enjoyed making Nike symbols and ninja stars. : ) I'm already planning to make them again for church sometime, because they were so easy! In fact, I think I'll go get one right now...

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