Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gouda Goodness


Yes, my lovely cheeses arrived yesterday. I came home from work to find the cute little brown box in my garage (per posted instructions.)

I was blissful.


I opened up the box...

and the dogs went berserk. They could smell the cheese right away, and they wanted some.

Look, I even got nifty little Murray's ice packs! Yessss.

The cheese!

I love the paper...apparently, it's the best for cheese storage. "An outer waxy layer with a cheesey design and an inner plastic layer allows the cheese to breathe"

First up, the gouda!

I love the rind! So festive and rustic.

And look at that beautiful crumble!

Now, for the actual eating experience.
As you recall, the description online was "...a rough and stony wheel with a deep toffee-colored interior smattered with white patches of crystalline minerals. The milky sweetness of the younger version intensifies into a caramelized, burnt sugary treasure with a similar crunchy texture to boot."
I loooved the texture of this cheese! It was crumbly and crunchy, with the "crystalline minerals" giving an extra little crunch every now and then. It was just so satisfying to munch on. I like being able to just break off a chunk and nibble on it. The flavor was truly complex and exciting. While I don't have a sophisticated enough palate to taste all those complicated and delicate flavor notes, I can definitely detect the slightly sweet, caramelly, "burnt sugar" undertone of this cheese.
Totally loved this crunchy, munchable fellow! I have a large chunk of it eaten already...I just can't stop!

Tomorrow, the funky, unctuous Tilsiter...

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