Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh the pungency

So. Tilsiter. Not quite what I expected. I knew it was funky. I knew it would have a healthy flavor. What I wasn't expecting was a Limburger strength pungency. Not that I've ever had Limburger. So that's probably not really accurate. But let me tell you, this stuff is stinky. Let me remind you of the description.

"If there were ever a cheese I would describe as unctuous, this is it. It's like cheese peanut butter, fudgey and rich and sticky on the roof of your mouth. "

"If you like the full on flavor of unusual cheeses like the Swiss Vacherin Fribourgeois, then you'll really enjoy this powerful washed-rind Tilsiter.

Gooey and funky, it's the real deal, made from raw cow's milk, aged for 10 weeks in Austria with only a hint of bitterness so you can enjoy the tremendous flavor of Tilsiter. The Sibratsgfaell Cooperative on the outskirts of the Bregenz Forest in Austria produces it with the help of 12 farmers and their silage-free milk."

Hm. Well, my husband won't come near the stuff. He says it tastes like old socks. I have been valiantly trying to cultivate a taste for it far no can do.

I will admit, the texture is quite nice. I can see the reference to fudge. I might suggest a less decadent description, as it inadvertently implies something more..tasty. But so far I haven't been able to get myself to eat a large enough piece to see if it sticks to the roof of your mouth. It's stinky, people.

But look at how creamy and delicious it looks! I just want to eat it so much.
So my next plan of action is to devise some way to eat it that dilutes the funky a little bit. I haven't figured out how yet. Perhaps with crusty bread. I'm open to ideas!! If anyone has ever dealt with the dilution of stinky cheeses, please, enlighten me!

Want to know what cheeses I am dying to try next? Mimolette and Bloomy Cheeses are on the agenda. It just may be a few know, still have that Tilsiter to eat...


  1. dang, now i am DYING of curiosity here! i adore strong cheese.

  2. Well then, any great tips on what to eat it with? Or do you just dive straight in? : )