Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hm. This may be kind of cheating...but what is the point of a blog if you can't post whatever you want, right? Right. Anywho...we have discovered a fabulous deal at Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits (which we looooove!)
We first fell in love with Popeye's several years ago, when we were visiting Pittsburgh, PA and needed a quick, cheap place to eat. We've been hooked ever since! They have fabulous, affordable fried chicken and TO-DIE-FOR biscuits. I could buy a dozen of their biscuits and eat them for a meal of their own. Mmm.
Anyway, we found a fantastic, budget friendly (very!) deal on Tuesdays.
Every Tuesday they have a special of 99 cents for a leg and a thigh. Sounds like a pretty cheap and delicious meal to me! Throw in a few biscuits for each of us, and we can have dinner for just over four bucks. Only two if we have the self control to skip the biscuits...but I can't. Do I ever love their biscuits.
Tuesday suppers are officially taken care of indefinitely!

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