Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten

Please read this with humor, as it was written. : ) God is good, and we have not truly wanted for anything, and have really enjoyed writing this little joke! I’m sure many of you have gone through exactly the same things.

Ten Sure Signs that You Are *Definitely* Poor

10. You use coupons, not to save money, but to eat.

9. You eat tuna for supper four days out of seven.

8. You eat pancakes for another two.

7. You get invited to someone’s house for dinner and have to weigh the cost of a meal against the cost of gas.

6. You rip your wet ones into thirds and only use one third for wet diapers.

5. You wear your jeans until the holes become inappropriate, and then you wear longer shirts.

4. Your “Things To Buy When We Have Money Again” list includes things like paper towels and meat.

3. Your idea of splurging is 99 cent night at Popeyes.

2. You think of somewhere fun to go, but can’t either because “We don’t have any money.” or “I’m afraid our car won’t make it.”

1. You stop buying paper napkins and use hand towels instead, and claim you are “going green.”

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