Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is my Leopard Gecko. My really stinkin' awesome Leopard Gecko. Her name is Lali. It's an Indian (the not-american type) name that means "Beloved, darling girl." Leopard Geckos are from India, as well as Afghanistan. They are a desert lizard. I've had Lali for two years, ever since she was a little tiny baby gecko.

Now, geckos are definitely cool little animals. I feed her mealworms, and sometimes crickets, and she just goes crazy catching them. Sometimes I get her out and she crawls around on my arm or the table. When she was smaller, my niece held her and let her crawl all over her head.

But, as cool as they are, you can't exactly get all lovey-dovey with a gecko. Because to tell you the truth, they couldn't care less about you, just so long as they get fed. Which makes them a very low maintenance pet, which is nice. She made a great little college pet, something entertaining but low maintenance.

But now, I feel like she would be much more beneficial somewhere with little boys. And little girls. Somewhere with kids who will marvel over her bumpy skin and her slitted eyes. I think children wondering at God's amazing creation is one of the most beautiful things to behold. So, I am donating beloved, darling girl Lali to my nephew's school. This nephew.

He's six. Perfect lizard-loving age. He goes to a tiny little Christian school. One-room school type of small. It has about 13 students. I think they will enjoy having a class pet. Especially one as cool as Lali. : )
I made up this little booklet of notes for them, so they will know just how to take care of her. It has her birthday, her meal instructions, and some of her favorite treats.

I'll still probably get her over the summers. It's really just a shared-custody type of thing. She'll be back.

ps- I encourage you to click on the photos and see them up close...her eyes are truly incredible!


  1. How cute - your nephew of course! The lizard I'm not so fond of, but your photos of it are amazing! What kind of camera are you using?

  2. It's actually just a hand me down Canon Powershot A70. She was a lot easier to take pictures of then say the puppy b/c she actually held still. : )