Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Mmm. Fall and soups just go together so perfectly.

Every night I want soup. Of course, it could be because we're being stubborn and haven't turned the heater on yet, and soups are just so warm. But either way, they're good.

Last night we had Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. Yummy! I kind of made it up from a variety of different soup recipes, and then added my own twist, so I'll try my best to recreate the recipe here. Here goes!

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

First things first, cook your wild rice in chicken broth...I'm not very good at cooking wild rice. I always boil out of broth at least twice, and the rice starts sticking to the pan. And it always takes way longer than the instructions say it should. So I usually end up with undercooked rice. But if you can do it right, it's amazing. Or you could just be smart and buy the Uncle Ben's version. I'm just not that bright.

Vegetables- You could use whatever you want here. This was not a premeditated soup, so I just used whatever I could find, which was:

1 cup dry wild rice, cooked to package instructions
1/2 an onion, chopped
1 carrots, chopped
About a cup of frozen corn
About a cup of frozen peas
A few cloves of garlic
A couple of chicken breasts, chopped
I used a packet of Creamy Chicken flavor from a package of ramen I had laying around, just for some extra flavor.
1/4 cup of flour (approx.)
5 cups of milk (approx.)

While your wild rice is cooking, saute the veggies and chicken breast in some butter and olive oil until everything is nice and cooked. Once it's all cooked, mix in your packet of seasoning (or various seasonings of choice.) Allow it to simmer for a few minutes, then sprinkle everything with flour. Just sprinkle in enough to cover everything, but probably not more than 1/4 cup. Stir that all together and allow to simmer for another couple of minutes. Now pour in as much milk as you want...this is variable, because it depends on how brothy you want your soup to be. I like brothy soups, so I used probably 4-5 cups. If you're not like me, and you actually have chicken broth left after cooking your rice, you can use that and just cut back on the milk. Stir until the flour's all mixed in, then add the rice (and broth if you have it.) Now just let it simmer on low until it's thickened a little and is nice and bubbly. Taste and adjust with salt if needed.

Tomorrow I'm making Butternut Squash Soup!


  1. how much rice did you use?

    do wild rice and rice cookers not mix, or something?

  2. I used 1/3 cup of dry rice, but I think it could have used more like 1 cup. Also, haven't tried it in the rice cooker, but I think since it takes so much longer and so much more liquid, that it might not work as well.