Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My hutch.

So when we moved to our new home here in Colorado, we didn't have a dining room table. Well, we had one, but it was hideous. The chairs were fabric covered roller chairs. Roller chairs. For the dining room. Ew. Oh, and they were missing a bunch of buttons. So there were nails sticking out the backs of them, so we had to put pillows on them so we didn't stab holes in our backs. I didn't like that table. So I decided it was most definitely not worth moving. Anyway. So when we got here, we just didn't have a table and chairs for awhile. And then we found a beautiful used set on craigslist! Score one for a decent craigslist in a big city. : ) The best part was, there was a matching hutch!

I've always wanted a china cabinet/hutch of some sort. And it was even better timing because the place we are renting has a little more limited cabinet space, so the hutch gave us the extra room we needed.

I love the distressed look, and the chicken wire on the doors. I use the wine rack to store all my vinegars...sneaky, huh!
Isn't it pretty? : ) And it makes my plates look so lovely.


  1. It is gorgeous!! I don't have a hutch myself, so I'm trying not to feel jealous *swoon* :) Yay for you and for Craiglist!!

  2. That is so pretty! And useful too, what a great combination! x