Saturday, November 14, 2009


I think I’m in love with pie crust. It’s just so GOOD. And things taste so good inside of it. I crave pie crust, so I start thinking about things I could put in it, just so I have a reason to use it. I think I was better off when I couldn’t make pie crust. This tasty little tart is great for a girl’s night in or brunch or something. I had it when I had an evening to myself to experiment. It’s nice and light, yet filling. And satisfies that need for mozzarella. Yummo! It’s also very versatile. You could fill it with whatever your heart desires. I chose bacon, sundried tomatoes, basil pesto, and fresh mozzarella. But you could add chicken, goat cheese, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, artichoke, whatever. So, go forth and be creative!

Fresh Mozzarella Tart
Serves 2-3
1 PW Pie Crust
4-6 slices of bacon
Sundried tomatoes
Basil Pesto (I just use that stuff you get at Wal-Mart. Quite tasty.)
Fresh Mozzarella, sliced
First cut the bacon up into small pieces and fry in a pan until nice and done and crispy- but not too dark. (That’s kind of hard to do. I ended up only using half of mine, since the other half burned to a crisp. But I knew that would happen. So I made double the bacon. But hopefully you’re less bacon handicapped than I am. I love bacon but just have the stinkin’ hardest time cooking it perfectly. Aaaanyway…) Drain the bacon pieces. Cut your pie crust into two or three pieces, depending on how big you want your tart to be. You could even make them smaller if you wanted. Roll those pieces out into nice round crusts. Spread a spoonful or two of pesto on the bottom of your crust (being careful to leave an inch or two of crust edge to fold over at the end.) Sprinkle on your bacon, sundried tomatoes, and a couple slices of fresh mozzarella (enough to cover the top.) Fold up the sides of the crust, leaving the middle uncovered (you know, like a tart. Right.) Drizzle another spoonful of pesto on top. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

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