Thursday, November 19, 2009

Toasty golden, dreamy creamy...

What says childhood more than a good old PB&J? Everyone has their own perfect version of this sandwich. Maybe your mom always cut your crusts off, or made it with grape jelly and crunchy peanut butter, or cut it diagonally. Now that we’re all grown up, everyone still has that craving for a good dose of peanut butter and jelly. While my Mom never made them this way, I have perfected my own version. I like mine grilled. Yes, grilled like cheese. It’s so nice and toasty and creamy and melty…it creates a completely different flavor while still having that classic comfort. Try it sometime!

Grilled PB&J

Your favorite sandwich bread- Personally, I looove Sara Lee Soft and Smooth
Your favorite peanut butter- I like natural peanut butter, creamy
Your favorite jam/jelly- I used homemade apricot jam and I think the sweet/sour balance is perfection
1 Tbs soft butter

Make a good old PB&J sandwich, whichever way you like best. Heat a dab of butter in a skillet over medium heat. Spread butter on both outsides of the sandwich. Grill the sandwich on each side until toasty golden on the outside

and dreamy creamy on the inside.

Cut diagonally, straight across, crustless, or even leave it whole. However Mom used to make them. Eat it while it’s hot!

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